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A COVID-19 relief Effort is a small group of citizens with a proven background of social service,  who are working together to help families impacted because of wage loss situations arising due to coronavirus pandemic. It is an initiative to help those who lost their job or are facing wage loss due to coronavirus pandemic with an amount of ~INR 2,500 on a monthly basis for food and other basic requirements.

Frequently Asked questions

1. Why is this initiative required ?

The crisis has already transformed into an economic and labor market shock, impacting not only supply ( production of goods and services ) but also demand ( consumption and investment ). Initial ILO estimates point out to a significant rise in underemployment as well which is likely to translate to a significant downward adjustment to wages and working hours. Households that are dependent on daily wages are facing an unprecedented economic crisis. 

2. Impact on the Informal and Unorganized sector(daily wage worker) due to COVID-19.

According to The International Labour Organization ( ILO ), about 25 million jobs could be lost globally due to coronavirus and the National Labour institute survey stats that casual labor makes up 14.7 percent of all workers when classified by category of employment in urban areas. Self - employed workers makeup 38.3 percent while 47 percent are regular wage/salary workers. Most workers who are self-employed are ‘own account’ workers. Such workers along with the casual workers provide service on a daily basis and are likely to hit hard in a scenario where economic activity dips sharply.

Rashid Ali, 49 has been coming to Mayur Vihar labor chowk, looking for work, for over 14 years now. “There is no work. Nobody is coming to hire us these days,” he says. Waiting in a crowd, he is concerned about getting infected by the virus. But his greater worry is how to take care of his family — his wife and their three young children. “I don’t know how I will feed them. I have no money,” he says. 

Fragile MSMEs are already hit rock-solid because of demonetization, GST and NBFC crises, COVID -19 will create a long-lasting economic impact and a majority of workers in this sector have no access to formal finance hampering their day to day basic requirements which are essential in this pandemic situation.

3. How can YOu Help ?

You can do one of the three things -

  1. Recommend beneficiaries ( you need to know them personally)

  2. Contribute money to the cause ( details below)

  3. Join the team ( find 2-3 hours min. per day)

4. How would you identify and verify Beneficiaries?

  4.1 The identity of the person who is recommending such cases will be captured. The cases undertaken have to be those whom the recommend-er knows personally or has spoken with. Self recommendations are not encouraged.

  4.2   If you would like to recommend a beneficiary, please do so here - 


  4.3  The team will be contacting both beneficiaries and recommenders to establish authenticity and avoid false positives.

   4.4 We will rely on reference-based beneficiary identification as a primary tool. Because of repeated beneficiaries and false positives, we may go wrong 10-20% of times but this is to ensure all needy get the help.


5. I would like to contribute. How do I go about it ?

  - If you would like to support the beneficiaries, you may fill up the sheet here              -

  - Why should we trust you?

    We will not ask for funds from you. We will identify and verify beneficiaries and                  send you their entire story, contact details and how to transfer funds directly                      through google pay/PayTM/Bank UPI transfer etc. This way, you know where your            money was spent.


  - Will I get a tax exemption?

    Because there is no NGO involved, you will not get an 80G exemption. Most donors        are telling us that they don't care much about 80G at this stage. But if you really do         want 80G, we will send you the details of an NGO where you could get 80G

-  How will this help me?

     In addition to earning some good karma points, what better way to galvanize the            community than bringing it together in times of crisis.

-  Can I make a one-time donation ?

    Yes, you are welcome to but many people are likely going to need support for 3                 months.

Why don’t we just provide beneficiaries with food (perhaps partnering with Akshaya         Patra and other NGOs)?

    As we are in the second stage of this pandemic, doing anything in a community               setting is not a good idea




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Donor Responses

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Sundeep Tibrewal

Indian School of Business Alumnus. Founder & CEO of Glad2shop Technology Pvt. Ltd, founder of and motivated towards social sector work

Faheem Mirza

Jamia Milia Islamia Alumni with a masters in social work, social sector enthusiast, working as a research fellow with Delhi assembly research center 

Abhishek Gupta

Indian School of Business Alumnus. 12 years of social sector work. Presently advisor to Dy Chief Minister Delhi Government on higher education and VET

Chitra Iyer

TISS Alumni. Founder Partner Space2 Grow LLP ( Child Protection and Livelihood and Inclusive skilling program)

Himanshu Sharma

BITS Pilani Alumni,  pro bono consultant to NGOs with IVounteer, working as a research fellow with Delhi assembly research center.

Rajen Makhijani

IIM alumnus, ex McKinsey, ex-Country Director, UChicago’s Tata Centre, CEO Coach, Founder/Anchor, Leadership by results.

Maryam Hasan

Jamia Milia Islamia Alumni with a masters in public administration, social sector enthusiast, working as a research fellow with Delhi assembly research center 

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