THE Sunshine Project

“Kal dhoop se pareshan, aaj takleef baarish se. Shikayatein beshumar hai, insaan ki adat hai.”

The trick is to try and enjoy life. We said try...hahaha. We know its not possible everyday, hence the use of the word 'try'.

Sunshine in so many ways is the closest Metaphor to what we are trying to do. Keep ourselves and people around us positive and hopeful. Does staying positive and hopeful help when we know that our problems are way bigger than we can handle? Well, the alternative is rather bleak, and we would stay as far away from that.


We at Word of Mouth Media believe in choosing hope, everyday. So we along with our founder Vineet KKN 'Panchhi' decided to make the most of these tough times and spread some sunshine. This website is a repository and not a destination in itself. We are trying to put together various items that will help us during the Corona crisis. Not everything here is perfect or complete, but is about bringing sunshine to ourselves, our minds, and our communities.  Initiatives we can support, podcasts, interviews with people who know how our minds work, people working with the elderly...we will keep adding stuff here, jo shayad humko roshni de! :)

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Sunshine Project 1:

India Care Collective

A small initiative started by a group of citizens to raise funds for the poor during the Covid-19 crisis. Kyu? Taki koi gareeb bhukha na soye. Internet ka zamana hai bhaiyo beheno, so much can be done by a click of a button. Wouldn’t you sleep better knowing you did a noble thing and someone is thanking you for your efforts?


“Kyuki Hum Saath Saath hain”


Sunshine Project 2:

The Sunshine podcast

by: Vineet KKN 'Panchhi'

Bakar, bakar, bakar, bakar...

par maza aayega aapko sunkar.


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Sunshine Project 3:

Elders First, Ghar pe Rahiye

by: saumyajit ROy


Ghar pe koi elder, koi buzurg hai?

Is the person safe during Corona?

What can we do?

Who can we reach out for help?


Sunshine Project 4:

Ye jo Dimaag kharab ho raha hai, iska kya karen?

If you occasionally feel anxiuos, and alone these are not alone. Not all is well; we know. The question is how to cope with what Corona is doing to our minds. 

The Sunshine Mindset is our collaboration with Niti Gupta of You Turn Consulting, Singapore, to find answers for our troubled minds. 


Sunshine Project 5 :
Powered by
Car Dekho Gaadi

Kyuki Zindagi Ki Gaadi Chalti Rehnee Chahiye... Nahi?

Sunshine Project 6:
Sunshine poetry hour

"Wakt aa gaya hai ki zindagi pe guar kiya jaaye,
Sab kuch to kar choke hai, as kuch aur kiya jaaye."
- Panchhi

The first quarter of the year began as a "Year of Remote work", marking one of the world's largest work-from-home experiment. This can be unprecedented as it comes with its own challenges for the employees as well as employers. The 'Sunshine Poetry' Hour is our attempt to spread some sunshine and 'roshni' to those who are away from their traditional work environment. Write to

to book one for your organisational. 


Sunshine Project 7:

Naturally, this is tough. Matlab, ye koi poochne ki baat hai? Sawal ye hai, ke ab kiya kya jaaye...Hahaha

Vineet 'Panchhi' grew up listening to RD Burman Saab's music, and collecting anecdotes about his life, and positivism.
For the last few weeks, he and his music have been Vineet's constant companions as we go through these uncertain times. RD Saab's life and what he stood for, also has great lessons for us . In fact, some of these lessons seem tailor made for this lock-down. Starting the 23rd of April, 2020, Mobius Films and Word of Mouth Media have decided to bring our personal hero back; for all of us, so we can all learn how he continued to be creative and 'sunshine' like, even through the toughest times. Based on the films made by Award Winner Director Brahmanand Singh,  and conceptualized by Tanvi Jain; this series is directed by the very talented Gaurav Sharma

We humbly present to you : The Quintessential Sunshine Man - RD Burman Lessons for Lockdown

GOT An idea, project OR suggestion that can spread sunshine ?
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